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Classroom Roulette

Classroom roulette is a gorgeous looking spinning wheel that will help to spice up your classes with truly random selections.
You can configure your own lists with students, quizzes or any other combination.
Use it for educational purposes, plain fun or decision maker. Endless possibilities!

Classroom roulette keeps track of who’s been picked and you can review it any time.
Slices can also be removed automatically.

These are its main features:

– Universal app. Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Does not sync between devices.
– Slide-over and Split-view support
– Configure unlimited lists with unlimited number of slices
– Work with one or two roulettes at the same time (e.g. students and quizzes)
– Voice over on picked slices
– Tweet or post on facebook with your current selection
– Soundboard. Play special sound effects at will
– Manual or automatic spin (tap on center star)
– Customizable slices: text, icons or images (iPad only), colors and sound effects
– Option to randomize list items automatically
– Duplicate and edit your lists easily
– Configure it to remove slices automatically – or manually – if they have been selected N times
– Full history. Keeps track of who’s been picked.
– Import students lists from iDoceo
– Export and share your roulettes with other users
– Choose between fast and slow wheel deceleration
– Customize your scenario. Add your own curtains and switch floors.