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An awesome update packed with amazing features.
Here are some of them

New features in iDoceo Connect

    • Add math expressions to your questions and/or answers
    • Easily add a selection of questions from other assessments
    • New ‘Review submitted tasks’ view with details on each submission
    • Room PIN tasks with students’group name as alias will be assigned to whole group of students

Minor Changes

    • Gradebook filter: New ‘invert selection’ option
    • Radar chart: Shows each group’s average
    • iconDrop, textDrop and numberDrop are kept on screen while in the same class
    • Formula functions: Geometric average and Nth root

A minor update with interesting additions

• Assign strength level to each student and create balanced groups by strength
• Assign icons to students (e.g. roles)
• Sort students by name, last name or manually

• Mark students as absent. They won’t be taken into account when creating groups
• Voice Over, enable it from options > VoiceOver. Will play on random student picker and on random team picker

The next version of Classroom Badge Maker is now available in the App Store.

– Improved badge publishing in Google Classroom. We are now creating a single PDF with all the badges
– Badges can now be sent individually from the personal sheet with a tap on the student’s name.
– Custom images. Improved handling of custom and transparent icons and badges
– Custom sounds can now be added in badges. Supports WAV/MP3/M4A
– Sort students by Name, Last name or manually
– Additional students can now be copy/pasted from other documents

Our version 1.2 is now available in the App store here

Classroom Roulette in the App Store

We’ve improved iOS10 and iOS8 compatibility
Each roulette has now a ‘Voice over language’ setting. Slices can be read in Spanish or French while your iPad is configured in English, for example.
Each slice can now play custom sounds. Uploaded as WAV,MP3 or M4A
Custom sounds are available from soundboard as well
Roulettes can now be created from Google Classroom, Classroom Badge Maker, XLS or iDoceo templates
You can now change the default position and size of selected slice