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An awesome update packed with amazing features.
Here are some of them

New features in iDoceo Connect

    • Add math expressions to your questions and/or answers
    • Easily add a selection of questions from other assessments
    • New ‘Review submitted tasks’ view with details on each submission
    • Room PIN tasks with students’group name as alias will be assigned to whole group of students

Minor Changes

    • Gradebook filter: New ‘invert selection’ option
    • Radar chart: Shows each group’s average
    • iconDrop, textDrop and numberDrop are kept on screen while in the same class
    • Formula functions: Geometric average and Nth root

An awesome update packed with amazing features.
Here are some of them

New features in iDoceo Connect

    • Record or add audio files to your questions
    • Configure a cover page with instructions and an image in your assessment
    • Disable the questions navigator, allow students to only answer in order
    • Configure up to 20 answers per question
    • Add a countdown timer for the whole exam
    • Add a countdown timer per question
    • Show a random subset of configured questions(aka question library)
    • Add a feedback on correct and incorrect answers
    • Show feedback per question or upon delivery
    • Configure a penalty on wrong answers
    • Custom combinations of points on miltiple choice answers

    • Publish individual student reports in Google Classroom
    • Publish iDoceo Connect assessment results as a task


    • Add a grade book graph in the student’s summary view
    • Revamped student report


Image resources

    • Take multiple pictures with a single click
    • Drag and drop multiple photos button wherever you need it



    • Customize the color of your rubric columns


Automatic backups(optional)

    • Incremental and password protected
    • Won’t interfere with your work but needs iDoceo to be open
    • Requires WiFi connectivity and some battery left
    • Will try to backup after 24 hours of previous backup

An awesome update packed with amazing features.
Here are some of them

New features in iDoceo Connect

    • Configure open questions in addition to current multiple choice tests
    • Open questions can be manually or automatically reviewed
    • Organize your assessments in folders
    • New co-assessment feature. Let your students assess their teammates with a rubric
    • New Online rubrics database, share yours or download rubrics from other users
    • Configure a start date&time for your assignments




e-backpack and reminders

  • The e-backpack will let you store any kind of resources from iDoceo or other apps and use them from any other view in the app (requires iOS11 or superior)
  • Improved reminders, can now be shown anywhere in the app



New ‘Group mode’ in gradebook

    • Drag&drop students to their position from the gradebook view
    • Assign grades, annotations, resources to groups of students
    • Includes summary column calculations per group



    • New spider charts in group mode



Gradebook categories just got better!


  • Up to five nested levels
  • Easily rearrange gradebook folders
  • Individually keeps track of open/close status




Folders in bulletin board (requires at least iOS 11)

  • Easily drag&drop resources
  • Rename folders

Gradebook improvements

  • Icon counter calculation supports three modes: all, folder, subfolders
  • Class Report now supports header&footer with position selection
  • Students’ personal data modifications are propagated across all classes where student is attending
  • New category calculation, most recent value

We’ve published today another amazing update with online Tests in iDoceo Connect.

These are the main features and improvements . 

Multiple choice tests are now available!
• Unlimited number of questions
• From 2 up to 7 possible answers. More than one valid answer
• Configure it in no time importing an XLS file with questions and answers
• Add an image to your questions
• Answers may be in text or image
• Assign points per question
• Choose whether to randomize questions and/or answers
• iDoceo Connect will soon have an online library of tests to share”

– iDoceo connect changes
• Recently assigned aliases can be kept for future tasks
• Invalid aliases/submissions can now be erased
• iDoceo Connect rubrics may now include student comments

– System improvements
• Rubric edition shows quick conversion, if any.
• Quick editors may now add or replace icons
• Improved seating plan multiple selection for groups
• Resources may now be sorted by name or date


Our new version of iDoceo Grade Scanner is now available in the App Store.

These are some of the new features:

  • You can configure the resulting score with any value (i.e. show an exam out of 80 or 250) at will.
  • Improved class statistics have been added to easily see questions with worse, better results, etc.
  • All scanned images can be easily exported as JPG in a ZIP
  • A simple PDF report has been added with results per student and spider chart in case of using the label system to catalog the questions

A sample of our new report


And here a small screenshot on the global questions overview

• Optimized scanning engine
• You can now select more than one valid answer per question

• Choose points for partially correct, with or without errors
• Questions can be removed from an exam, no need to rescan
• You can manually change the calculated result for an exam
• You can make modifications to a scanned image on selected questions

• Date can be added automatically in printed sheets
• New backup&restore option
• Scanned&corrected images can now be published in Google Classroom

What’s new

– Improved penalty options
– New setting to round percentage result.
– Configure points earned per question.
– Configure available options per question from 2 to 5
– Assign tags to each question. Group results by tag/outcome
– New spider chart in student summary. Student vs Class’ average
– New XLS export option, includes all answers and tags.
– Easier integration with upcoming update of iDoceo